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Deals for Atlantic City Hotel

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Looking for a good deal on a beachfront room in Atlantic City? Look no further! Coupon get’s you a special rate of just $59/night (and lots more coupon deals to choose from).

Deals for Atlantic city Hotels

Click here to see a selection of FREE COUPONS for Atlantic Palace Suites.

The Atlantic Palace Suites is located right on the famous Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Get Coupons for this Atlantic City Hotel.

This modern highrise property delivers fantastic views of the beach and miles of the boardwalk.

Classy place. Great rooms with great views. Off-street parking. Cheap rates. Walk to world class shopping and many popular casinos and entertainment venues




Deals for Atlantic City Hotels

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Atlantic City is without a doubt one of the nation’s most popular travel destinations.  This is true all year long and especially in the spring & summer months.Deals for Atlantic city Hotels

The Atlantic Palace Suites on the Famous Atlantic City Boardwalk Has Deals on Room Rates

There’s always something happening in Atlantic City and there’s always a good incentive running on the Atlantic Palace Suites room rates.  This highrise beachfront hotel boasts glorious ocean views from almost every room and the convenience can’t be beat.

This boardwalk property isn’t one, it is within walking distance to several of Atlantic City’s most popular casinos.  World class shopping on the boardwalk is just a short walk away and well as the outlet mall in the center of the city near the convention center.

All the relaxation of a beachfront resort right in the middle of all the action of America’s Favorite Playground. The Jersey Shore is world- renowned for its soft sandy beaches, quite possibly the best pizza and sandwiches on the planet, boardwalk fun and of course casino gambling & world-class dining.

Here are more of the highlights you’ll enjoy when you stay at the Atlantic Palace Suites:

  • Spectacular Ocean Views from most rooms
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Beach Access
  • Jetted Bathtubs
  • Queen-Sized Beds
  • Kitchenette (really handy for families!)
  • Flat-Screen TV 
  • WiFi Available (fee may apply)
  • Walking Distance to Major Casino Action and • World-Class Shopping
  • Lunch for 2 at the fabulous Irish Pub included each day of your stay!

They always have a deal going on 

Atlantic City is only about 60 miles from Center City Philadelphia and it’s an easy drive on the Atlantic City Expressway which has no traffic lights.

The city has many famous restaurants and besides eating, drinking, gambling and the beach, there are plenty of other choices:

Rent a bicycle and take an early-morning ride on the boardwalk.  Take a 1/2 day or full day fishing trip or whale watching cruise. South Jersey has lots of great golf courses which are also just minutes away.  The Island of Brigantine is 5 minutes away and so are Ventnor and Margate, the home of Lucy The Elephant.  

You may wish too take the family to the Cape May Zoo.  It’s fantastic.

Online Coupons for Pizza in Cherry Hill, NJ

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If you’re in the mood for pizza and you don’t want to pay full price, you should check for coupons right here on

For coupons for Leo Tucci’s in the Woodcrest Shopping Center, CLICK HERE

For Coupons for Raymond’s Pizza on Kings Highway and Miami Avenue, CLICK HERE

For coupons for Croce’s Deli on Rt. 70, CLICK HERE

Why Pay Full Price For Pizza When You Can Point, Click & Print a Coupon Online?

Food lovers and coupon lovers use every day for free online coupons.  It’s nothing like this other coupon sites who take you down a long road of clicks only to let

coupons for pizza in Cherry Hill

Keep it local. Order pizza from someone on moderncoupon, NOT those chains!

you down to find “no coupon available.”  Don’t you hate that?


When you surf the local business coupon directory, you’ll always find live active coupons you can select and use instantly.  Most of the businesses who advertise on moderncoupon will accept the smart phone version of the coupons although some require the printed version.

All moderncoupon advertisers are local, independently-owned businesses.  We love to support the local business community and we hope you do to.  It’s all about keeping it in the community.

We just discovered Jules Thin Crust Pizza in Cherry Hill.  Wow…really unique and delicious pizza.  We’re hoping they’ll join the family of moderncoupon merchants.  Not only is their pizza very good, they’re very friendly.  Like all small business owners, we wish them the very best of luck.

Jules thin Crust Pizza is located in the Ellisburg Shopping Center at Rt. 70 & Kings Highway (Rt. 41) next to the Dollar Tree and The Candlelight Dance Club (who also happens to be a moderncoupon advertiser).

For coupons for Leo Tucci’s in the Woodcrest Shopping Center, click here.

For Coupons for Raymond’s Pizza on Kings Highway and Miami Avenue.

For coupons for Croce’s Deli on Rt. 70, click here.


A Good and Affordable Italian Restaurant

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One of the hallmarks of a good Italian restaurant is the way they prepare and serve seafood and chicken.

The Quality Seafood and Chicken Always Stand Out as a Measure of the Rest of the Ingredients

Coupons for restaurants in South Jersey

Click the coupon to select this coupon.

The suppliers to restaurants usually provide 2 or 3 levels of quality in the meats, fish and poultry.  Chefs and owners determine what they need in order to fit their brand, their price-point and the sophistication of their clientele.  This is the restaurant business.  This is how it works.

At Antonietta’s Bistro in Runnemede, NJ, the seafood is always very good quality.  The shrimp, for example is consistent in size: large.  It is also very sweet and never mushy.  In the past year, this restaurant scored 100% on shrimp dishes.  Not only was every dish excellently prepared, each and every shrimp was perfect.  This is unusual in any scenario, even in the finest of restaurants.  Shrimp can just be that way. They freeze. They thaw. They get shelled and deveined.  Then they get tossed into a sautee pan and bounced around …it’s no wonder sometimes you get one or 2 which are  little beat up or mushy.   At Antonietta’s Bistro, every shrimp has been superb every time.

Chicken & Seafood Dishes Are Highest Quality at Antonietta’s Italian Bistro in South Jersey

Each and every chicken dish ordered was top-notch as well.  Large portions and clean, juicy breast meat.  We even tried coconut chicken appetizer which we unanimously considered was better than any coconut shrimp shrimp dish we’ve ever had at any restaurant.

The Tuscany Chicken is fabulous.  It’s served with slices of spicy sausage pasta and vegetables.  It’s a must-try.

Chicken Sinatra is a chicken & shrimp dish which is fantastic.

The essence of the message here is that when the chicken, the shrimp (and other seafoods) are consistently good, it’s a very good indication you’re eating in a restaurant who puts quality first, not profits.  They get it. Profits follow quality. Quality is the brand. Not a fancy logo or a sign.

We’re enthusiastic about recommending Antonietta’s Bistro.  It is important to know that most every component of every dish is made to order. This is not fast food.  You will have to be patient while you wait for this excellent and authentic Italian food to be served.  Have some bread, a beer or a cocktail and enjoy the experience.

Antonietta’s Bistro is located at 312 North Black Horse Pike, Runnemede, NJ which is only about 20 minutes from the Philadelphia Airport and sports complex.

While you’re here, select a coupon and bring it in.

Coupons for Italian Restaurants in Mount Laurel, NJ

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For truly great, authentic Italian food

Try THAT ITALIAN PLACE  in Mount Laurel, NJ 

For possibly the best pizza you’ve ever hadOnline coupons for  restaurants in Mount Laurel, NJ

For home-made soups

For unbelievable baked pizza specialties like strombolis & calzones

For fantastic & affordable lunches

Instant access to online coupons. Click here.

You’ll be glad you discovered your new favorite Italian Food experience!  B.Y.O.B.

Get coupons for dozens of other Philadelphia and South Jersey restaurants, retailers and service businesses on

Be Well Massage | South Jersey Massage Therapy Coupons

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Keeping up with your overall well being is important to staying physically and emotionally happy and healthy.  Whether you are full of stress, sore, or need some time to just relax, Be Well Massage Therapy can be of great help.  Located right in downtown Haddonfield, New Jersey, Be Well Massage Services is in a prime South Jersey location.

At Be Well Massage, you can choose from a variety of services offeredSouth Jersey Massage Coupons.  Most people go for the general full body massage, but there are other options you can get to add onto it.  There is a face package and a feet package, which focus on moisturizing and additional massage time on the upper and lower body, respectively.  Be Well also offers specialty packages, including Reflexology, Raindrop Therapy, Hot Stone Massages, Sports Massages, and even Pregnancy Masses, which relieves a lot of the discomfort associated with pregnancy.  You can even book a couples massage for you and your significant other for a discounted rate.

Located right in Haddonfield, New Jersey, Be Well Massage Services is right an easily accessible part of Southern New Jersey.  Before you book your appointment, check out the listing for Be Well Massage on  Here you will be able to find coupons to save you money while at your massage.  At, you can add on special packages to your massage, save a few bucks, and even be part of our referral program, where you can earn a free 60-minute massage.  Check us out today on, and get your massage today.  Our massage therapists will make you feel like a new person when you are done!

MiaJon Salon – South Jersey Hair Salon Coupons

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Getting your hair uniquely styled at a soon is something many women look forward to, especially if there is a special event coming up like a wedding, shower, or even prom.  At MiaJon Salon, you will be able to have anything done from a full restyle or something simple like getting your bangs trimmed up. The professional stylists will design your hair to shape of your face and the style you desire.  They are experts in dry curly cuts and precision cutting.South Jersey Hair Salon Coupons

Along with your hair, you may need a professional make up job done.  The make-up artists at MiaJon Salon can give you a nice looking and simple “night-out” make-up job, or something a little more detailed for your special occasion.  You can also enjoy the spa, manicures, and pedicures.  Using only the finest quality polishes, your nails will look outstanding for a long time.

At MiaJon Salon, you can get a variety of things done for your hair and make-up to look unbelievable for your occasion.  The goal for every stylist is to bring out your unique beauty in every way.  They will be able to give your hair a traditional style, or even a more distinct, contemporary style.  Located right in Haddonfield, NJ, it’s easily accessible from all over South Jersey.

If you visit, you will be able to get two different coupons to save during your appointment at MiaJon.  One is for a $25 Spa manicure and pedicure, the other is for a $25 GEL manicure and pedicure.  This is a must have before your special event.  Instead of going to multiple places for your hair, makeup, and nails, you will be able to get everything done all at once here.  Visit today and look amazing after your appointment at MiaJon Salon.

Finish Line 38 – South Jersey Car Wash And Auto Repair

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Finish Line 38 Car Wash is the place where people who really care about their cars go to.  At Finish Line 38, you can choose from a huge selection of services to clean the outside of your car, detail the inside, and even get your breaks, tires, and oil changed.  It is located right off of Route 38 in Maple Shade, just next to the Moorestown Mall.  They have state of the art car washing equipment, and their qualified mechanics will be able to properly fix or tune-up your car.South Jersey Car Wash and Auto Repair Coupons

Getting your car fixed at the dealer can be expensive, even if it is something small like an oil change and tire rotation.  Then if you wanted your car cleaned, you would have to make another stop at a car wash to get it fixed.  At Finish Line 38, you can get it all done in one stop.  Choose from one of our car washing packages and accessories to start, and look at some of the other tune ups and repairs we do to see if you need it done anyways.

At, get your coupon to save when you bring your car in to Finish Line 38.  We have coupons for an oil change and car wash special, discount on detailing, a tune up on your car, and even a discount on our top of the line car wash.  Visit today and treat your car to a fresh wash and fix at Finish Line 38.

Cafe Antonio’s, Collingswood – South Jersey Restaurant Coupons

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With so many restaurants around the South Jersey area, it is often hard where to choose from to eat or order take out from, even something like pizza and Italian places.  Right in downtown Collingswood, NJ, you can enjoy one of the neighborhood’s best pizza and Italian foods places, Cafe Antonsouth jersey restaurant couponsio’s.  Cafe Antonio’s has a huge selection of pizza and toppings for it, and a wide variety of sandwiches to choose from.

Cafe Antonio’s has traditional plain pizza, but you can also get a pizza with any toppings you’d like.  One of the specialty meals is Grandma’s Pizza, which is a thin crust Sicilian style pizza.  Choose from the many different types of pizza, sandwiches, salads, and pasta dishes we have.  On Tuesday’s, they even have a soup, salad, and pasta special.

At, you can get coupons to use at Cafe Antonio’s.  You can try some of the many specialty pizzas and other dishes we have, and save while you are at it.  You can choose to dine in or take out to eat at home.  Get your coupons from today, visit Cafe Antonio’s and save while you enjoy one of the best pizza and Italian food places in the South Jersey area, right in the heart of Collingswood.