1. If membership is free, why do I need to sign up?

A. By signing up, you are going to benefit by receiving email updates on great coupon opportunities in your area, birthday offers and any other breaking news from the dealmakers at moderncoupon.com. Our focus is to get you great experiences when dealing with all moderncoupon.com advertisers.

2. What is Premium Membership?

A. Our advertisers like to step it up a notch for serious shoppers looking for serious discounts. Many of our advertisers offer a Premium Coupon. They’re always worth at least $6.00 and since Premium Membership is only $5.95 per month, you’re ahead of the game if you just use your Premium Membership one time. But the beautiful thing is, you can use your Premium Membership to take advantage of Premium Discount Coupons for a full 30 days! See how much Premium Membership can save YOU!

3. What if I’m planning a trip outside my home area. Can I get moderncoupons from other areas?

A. Yes! moderncoupon.com is accruing advertisers all over the country. Wherever you’re going, get the zip code for that city or town and type it in the search box. Then choose your category and check out the local deals there.