A Good and Affordable Italian Restaurant

One of the hallmarks of a good Italian restaurant is the way they prepare and serve seafood and chicken.

The Quality Seafood and Chicken Always Stand Out as a Measure of the Rest of the Ingredients

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The suppliers to restaurants usually provide 2 or 3 levels of quality in the meats, fish and poultry.  Chefs and owners determine what they need in order to fit their brand, their price-point and the sophistication of their clientele.  This is the restaurant business.  This is how it works.

At Antonietta’s Bistro in Runnemede, NJ, the seafood is always very good quality.  The shrimp, for example is consistent in size: large.  It is also very sweet and never mushy.  In the past year, this restaurant scored 100% on shrimp dishes.  Not only was every dish excellently prepared, each and every shrimp was perfect.  This is unusual in any scenario, even in the finest of restaurants.  Shrimp can just be that way. They freeze. They thaw. They get shelled and deveined.  Then they get tossed into a sautee pan and bounced around …it’s no wonder sometimes you get one or 2 which are  little beat up or mushy.   At Antonietta’s Bistro, every shrimp has been superb every time.

Chicken & Seafood Dishes Are Highest Quality at Antonietta’s Italian Bistro in South Jersey

Each and every chicken dish ordered was top-notch as well.  Large portions and clean, juicy breast meat.  We even tried coconut chicken appetizer which we unanimously considered was better than any coconut shrimp shrimp dish we’ve ever had at any restaurant.

The Tuscany Chicken is fabulous.  It’s served with slices of spicy sausage pasta and vegetables.  It’s a must-try.

Chicken Sinatra is a chicken & shrimp dish which is fantastic.

The essence of the message here is that when the chicken, the shrimp (and other seafoods) are consistently good, it’s a very good indication you’re eating in a restaurant who puts quality first, not profits.  They get it. Profits follow quality. Quality is the brand. Not a fancy logo or a sign.

We’re enthusiastic about recommending Antonietta’s Bistro.  It is important to know that most every component of every dish is made to order. This is not fast food.  You will have to be patient while you wait for this excellent and authentic Italian food to be served.  Have some bread, a beer or a cocktail and enjoy the experience.

Antonietta’s Bistro is located at 312 North Black Horse Pike, Runnemede, NJ which is only about 20 minutes from the Philadelphia Airport and sports complex.

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