Advice For Making A New Website For Your Business

The main reason you want a website for your business is to 

  1. Get discovered by prospective customers and…
  2. Get them to pick up the phone and call you
  3. Get them to buy something
  4. Get them to leave their contact information so you can engage them in a continuing marketing effort 

Most website developers are NOT in the business of “marketing”. They may know how to make a website LOOK nice but they don’t necessarily know how to create the website to accomplish these 4 things.

Our main business, until now has been to help business owners attract attention to their website and their business using online marketing strategies. But since most small business websites don’t address these fundamentals, we’ve added Affordable Function Websites to our list of services.

We build websites that work. We build them cheap. And we build them fast. Don’t hang on to your old and useless website if it’s not producing.

If your business doesn’t have a website OR if your current website doesn’t produce the income and customer stream you’d expected, we need to talk.

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