moderncoupon.com blog serves 2 main purposes:

1. it’s a place where small business owners can pick up ideas, tactics, strategies and resources in bite-sized pieces which aren’t overwhelming that can be implemented easily in their business.  New content is added several times per week.

2. it’s a place where we announce new businesses who come on board the moderncoupon.com directory describing their business and offering coupon discounts in order to generate business and customer relationships.

moderncoupon.com is created for the benefit of independently-owned businesses and the customers they serve.  Small businesses still drive the American economy.  They’re our neighbors, they’re employers, they’re part of the local culture and tax base and they need our support.

So when deciding on where to go out to eat, where to buy the things you want and need, make your first preference to patronize an independent business owner in your local community.  It’s a good thing to do.