Philadelphia Birthday Club

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Finish Line 38 – South Jersey Car Wash And Auto Repair

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Finish Line 38 Car Wash is the place where people who really care about their cars go to.  At Finish Line 38, you can choose from a huge selection of services to clean the outside of your car, detail the inside, and even get your breaks, tires, and oil changed.  It is located right off of Route 38 in Maple Shade, just next to the Moorestown Mall.  They have state of the art car washing equipment, and their qualified mechanics will be able to properly fix or tune-up your car.South Jersey Car Wash and Auto Repair Coupons

Getting your car fixed at the dealer can be expensive, even if it is something small like an oil change and tire rotation.  Then if you wanted your car cleaned, you would have to make another stop at a car wash to get it fixed.  At Finish Line 38, you can get it all done in one stop.  Choose from one of our car washing packages and accessories to start, and look at some of the other tune ups and repairs we do to see if you need it done anyways.

At, get your coupon to save when you bring your car in to Finish Line 38.  We have coupons for an oil change and car wash special, discount on detailing, a tune up on your car, and even a discount on our top of the line car wash.  Visit today and treat your car to a fresh wash and fix at Finish Line 38.

South Jersey Bowling Coupon – Pinsetter Bowl

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It’s a night during the week or weekend, and you and some friends are looking for something fun to do.  Right in Merchantville, NJ, is Pinsetter Bowl.  This is no ordinary bowling lounge, as it truly gives you an upscale and luminary feel.  We can host you and some friends, private parties, and even corporate events, where you can even use our VIP lanes and lounge.
South Jersey Bowling Coupon
Not only can you enjoy our amazing bowling lanes, but you can indulge in great food and drinks.  We always have specials going on, like wing night, beer specials, ladies night, $2 Mondays, and more.  If you are a competitive person, we have leagues as well, running every night during the week and consisting of people with all skill levels.

At moderncoupon, you can find coupons to use at Pinsetter Bowl to enjoy your experience even more.  There’s a coupon for $25 for 2 hours of unlimited bowling for up to 4 people, and another one that is buy 1 game and get another free.  Not only will you save with these coupons, but you can take advantage of the food and drink specials as well.  Visit moderncoupon today to get your coupons for Pinsetter Bowl.

Dog Trainer in South Jersey Coupon

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Dogs are one of the most popular additions to any family.  They are lovable, great companions, and truly seem part of the family.  But just like younger children, they need to be taught proper behavior, like obeying and being poty-trained.  This can be a long and frustrating process, and some people may not have the patience.  This is where the trainers at Affordable Dog Obedience Training can help.

The certified dog trainers use only positive reinforcement, so your dog will not feel sad or be harmed during training.  We will teach them to listen to your commands, stay off the furniture, poty-train them, and begging for food.

Some dog training courses can be expensive.  The rates at Affordable Dog Obedience Training are very fair, and you will definitely see results.  By getting a coupon from moderncoupon, you will be able to save $25 on the full 7-week program.  This is the most common program, as it gives the trainers enough time to thoroughly work with your dog.  Train your dog to be the best one in your neighborhood.  Get your coupon and make an appointment today.

Coupons for Candlelight Dance Club, Cherry Hill

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Are you looking for something new to do, whether by yourself or with a significant other?  If you’re tired of doing many of the same things, we recommend you check out Candlelight Coupons for Ballroom Dancing LessonsDance Studio, in Cherry Hill.  You can buy a coupon for it right here on moderncoupon, and give ballroom dancing a try.


Candlelight Dane Studio offers classes for individuals or couples to participate in.  Along with your lessons with your instructors, you’ll be able to participate in group lessons and dance parties, where you’ll have the opportunity to dance with other guests.  Not only will you find a new hobby in dancing, but you’ll start to meet so many new people.  Dancing is also a great way to express yourself, and improves your health and confidence.  It is a great way to exercise and relieve stress.


At moderncoupon, you can find a coupon for an individual or couples starter package.  It will include 5 lessons so you can get a feel for dancing and see how much you enjoy it.  It is a wonderful experience that will give you something new to do.  Check it out today and discover your new hobby.

Chicken Dish with Fresh Jersey Peaches-Antonietta’s in South Jersey

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Chicken and Peaches

Attention Foodies: Here’s a “Must-Try”. Click here for coupon!

Chicken breast sauteed in a peach schnapps demi-glase and fresh Jersey peaches on a bed of fettuccini with sauteed spinach.  Yes, she did it again!

Antonietta Romano, a little Italian lady has a flair for bringing big flavors to creative dishes in her South Jersey restaurant, Antonietta’s Bistro in Runnemede.

The restaurant is modestly decorated and the service is very friendly.

All dinners are served with a generous portion of her famous garlic bread with Antionetta’s famous (optional) eggplant & tomato bruschetta topping along with a choice of soup or salad.

The chicken dish described here is called Pollo a la Pesca and is one of 4 featured dishes this week among dozens of other Italian classics.

Antonietta also comes up with some amazing appetizers. Among them (and also featured this week) is Polpetti di Melanzane: Eggplant meatballs served in vodka cream sauce.

Appetizers and entrees are large so if you order one of each, you’re likely to have enough left over to for another meal the next day.  But it doesn’t end there.  All Antonietta’s desserts are fresh and home made (I don’t know how she does it).

Award winning cheesecakes, canolis, layer cakes and pies are delightful (and large).

See all this week’s specials here

There’s a link for coupons on the same page, so indulge!


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Free Ticket for Small Business Seminar Event

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My Daily Planner

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 Daily Planner

Just click the link above to download and print unlimited copies of my simple daily planner. This method of scheduling my day is making a huge impact on my business and my life.  I’m so glad to share it with you.

My Website Is Worth Over $100,000.00 Is yours?

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Can you put a price tag or a value on your company’s website?

Have you determined how much revenue or new customers your web presence generates?  Does it produce any? It can and it should.

Back in the late 90’s, I knew it was possible to leverage the power of the web to get new customers and make real sales.  It took many years and probably tens of thousands of dollars to figure it out. But now the rewards flow in daily.  

In fact, my online marketing represents a tangible asset…something I can make money with continually or sell for a substantial profit. 

Now that the online presence for my business produces a real, consistent, predictable income and continual flow of customers, I’ve been able to start my new business-helping other business owners get more results online. (yes, faster and cheaper than it took me to do it)

I’m finding very few have any real enthusiasm for marketing their business online. I have a feeling it’s either because they’ve already tried and failed, OR they just think their business is different and it’s not possible for them.

I wrote an article entitled “Your Best Employee At 34 Cents An Hour”  in this month’s edition of our newsletter (Modern Advertising & Marketing Advantage) which is sent out via direct mail. It talks about how your website could be and should be your highly valued  24/7/365 sales force.  

My website along with the rest of the marketing I do online is like the goose that lays the golden eggs. It has changed my business and changed my life.  I wonder why more business owners don’t invest more effort in making this happen when it’s happening for others everywhere.  

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When I hear some of my clients tell me, “this is the best thing I’ve ever done for my business”, or “I can honestly say I make at least $300 extra every week now”, it’s an absolute thrill for me. The marketing technology online is still very new and most businesses just don’t do it well. That means there’s still great opportunity for you to leverage the web to get more customer and make more money.