Bounce-Back Marketing

In my last post entitled “The Most Powerful Word In Marketing” I talked about how to use FREE as a strategy to attract a sale, a larger sale and new customers.  

In that post, I mentioned the Bounce-Back strategy and I promised to elaborate on it in my next post. so here it is:

The Bounce-Back is a tactic that simply entices your customers to come back (bounce back into your business) soon.  

I remember going to one particular Thai restaurant with my parents and at the end of the meal, the waiter gave us the restaurant’s business card and on the back he’s rubber-stamped it: “10% off your next visit” and had written in an expiration date. That was about 25 years ago, and it was really effective.  We liked the place a lot and we DID make it a point to put that place in our plans with regularity.

Seldom do I see this very effective weapon being used. So powerful it is to keep your customers from straying to competitors or forgetting about you. Here’s how you can use the bounce-back in your business:

Use your imagination!  A business card-type magnet is a great way to give a bounce-back offer. Your business name and offer on peoples’ refrigerator is a constant reminder of your company and even has the ability to be noticed by friends, neighbors & relatives.  

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