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Bankruptcy Lawyer In Medford, NJ Wins Best Of South Jersey Again

Posted by Modern Maze

 Jeffrey Saper’s tag line is: “I Turn Disasters Into Miracles”. 

His 2 legal specialties are bankruptcy and family law. Both intrinsically come with more than their fair share of pain, and anguish. 

Jeffrey’s approach to the divorce and bankruptcy process is different than most other attorneys.  He navigates difficult circumstances, communicates with his clients and guides them through the best possible outcomes in order to remove the weight of the world so you can get on with your life.

Divorce and bankruptcy ARE disasters but choosing the right lawyer can ease the pain and get you on track to put your life back in order.

Jeffrey Saper is a perennial winner of Best Of South Jersey Awards for excellence in his service. Clients come from:

Medford, Marlton, Cherry Hill, Haddonfield, Moorestown, Voorhees, Cinnaminson. Tuckerton, Mount Holly, Haddon Heights, Mount Laurel and everywhere in between.

You can get a full 1-1/2 hour consultation with Jeffrey Saper free with a coupon. Just click here:

TABASFUNDING – A Venture Capital Lender Serves New Jersey, Delaware And Pennsylvania Businesses

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In any economy there’s always some one, some industry doing well. There’s always an opportunity in every difficulty. 

Today, banks aren’t free to lend money. More scrutiny and more barriers are resulting in more NO’s than YES’s. 

At TABASFUNDING they understand there and always opportunities from growth and expansion during economic difficulties. 

If your business is looking at acquiring a competitor or if your business is in a growth situation and need capital for increasing inventory, equipment, manufacturing capacity or space, TABASFUNDING can help. 

TABASFUNDING helps growing businesses take you and your business to the next level with venture capital loans from $75,000 to $750,000 or more.

TABASFUNDING  does not loan to start-up companies but if you have an established business and you’re confronted with an opportunity for expansion and need a cash infusion to make it happen, it all starts with a simple 3-minute application on the website:

If your loan is approved, thanks to, you can save $100.00 off your first loan repayment. Here’s what you do: click this link: and get a coupon. Enclose it with your first loan repayment and deduct $100.00 from your payment.

Learn more about TABASFUNDING at

Business Owner Profile: Lisa Linsalata of LisaMichael’s Salon

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I’ve been a stylist 28 years, and opened Lisa Michaels at 77 Ellis St., Haddonfield, New Jersey in 2003.

I have been thinking alot as of late,that most of my clients want a great hair doo and want that with out doing any work on thier part. Meaning they now demand a fabulous cut that can look great without blow drying, curling, or gel,moose,spray,…And I do my very best!!! Any cut can look great when the stylist finishes it…but will it look great when they do it? That, my friend is what I strive to do!! It is the reason I love hair!! But to tell the honest truth, I am a sucessful stylist because of my color talent. I have worked in 2 top salons and early on clients would take me aside and ask me to make sure their stylists got it right!! Color is so very important!!! Keep it simple. Keep it modern. Keep it healthy, with lots of shine!! And oh always finish a color with a Redken power shot for 5 minutes for strengh and protein.

My specific skills as a stylist were learned by paying my dues as a shampoo girl for 2 years!!! I learned from the best in the business. I cleaned, ripped foil,washed hair,and WATCHED what they did. Early on I loved the big salon. After a while the hurry,up pace didn’t suit my long-term vision. So when I opened my salon in 2001, I tuned it down to MY pace. I take the time I need and get it perfect. That’s what I do and I am happy and proud about it. The salon is open Tue thru Sat…9 til 9 during the week and Sat.8-6.

Ok…the antiques…Well being a artist I have a good eye…I decorated the place with retro items that everyone wanted to buy!! So being in business I thought “Why not?”… And it is fun!!! It’s so very different and my friends thought it was a great idea!!! Hee hee who would have thought!!!

Most people have fear in starting a business and my take was always it really shouldn’t be a gamble, it should be a safe secure conservative move. That way all is good!!!

What else makes me interesting…ha ha ha??? I smile more ’cause I’m getting older rather than get a facelift!!! I smile more because I am happy….love what I do ….end.

A word from ModernMaze, creator of, the 21st Century-Style Small Business Marketing System
Lisa is the real deal. In the very last sentence of her personal story, she says, “I’m happy because I love what I do.” There is no better measure of a successful career and a successful life.

She does a GREAT job on hair and surely she retains her clients better than the average salon because of her excellent hair cutting and styling experience but no doubt, also because of her personality and love for her businesses and her customers.

Lisa is a hair coloring expert, hair styling expert and a beloved part of the business owner’s community of Haddonfield, New Jersey.
Learn more about LisaMichael’s Salon at the website: and to get a coupon for services there, visit