Cherry Hill Accountant Firm Joins

Smart business owners like Garry Ormsby of Ormsby & Associates Accounting firm in Cherry Hill, New Jersey know how people are making choices these day: online.

Here’s a link to 2 different coupon offers Ormsby & Associates has on moderncoupon.com

It’s true, there aren’t too many people looking for “accountant” coupons online. But, this smart Cherry Hill accountant knows there are huge volumes of people searching online for coupons every day.  Just by being listed online where people are searching in great numbers gives his firm a better chance to be discovered online.

Being listed on a directory like has other benefits as well. Search engines have the ability to know when your business is listed and optimized in many places around the web. When a business has a presence on an “authoritative” website like, search engines like Google tend to give your business a boost in search results.  

There about 10 search engines, directories and citation sites where an accounting firm can effectively have their business presence and profile optimized to their advantage.  At moderncoupon, we provide a service we call Internet Gravity Wheel (service mark) which boosts a business’ online footprint to give them a far greater online presence. This results in more online visibility, more inquiries and more customers.

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