Coupons For An Oil Change: Cherry Hill And Collingswood. And Some Advice

Caution! Discount oil change places don’t always provide that quick and cheap oil change they promise. Full service auto mechanics are also competitive, use higher quality oil and with a coupon, usually compete in price with their low-price competitors.

Here’s a list of highly-recommended independent auto service shops who perform high quality work and have online coupons on

MS Shell Auto Repair, Cherry Hill, NJ Click here for details & coupons

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Now, for a quick story which gives an example of why to choose an expert mechanic’s shop over a discount oil change shop:

A large heating & air conditioning business with a fleet of vans revealed he’s been using Jiffy Lube for the combination of speed and price. Recently, within a couple days of an oil change on one particular vehicle, a breakdown occurred.

The breakdown, unrelated to the oil change resulted in:
• A missed assignment (and disappointed customer)
• Hours of non-productive manpower
• Tow truck expense
• Costly vehicle repair
• Ultimately hours of downtime which far exceeded time savings for 10 oil changes combined.

The breakdown could have been avoided had the vehicle been taken to one of these full-service mechanics who would have never let the vehicle go without a multi-point inspection.

In the long run, all the time and money saved on a dozen trips to the discount oil-change shop are more than wiped out by the routine preventative procedure of an expert in his field.