Defensive Driving Course Lowers Insurance Premiums-Get a Coupon

One of the many companies featured on moderncoupon is for a New Jersey official defensive driving course, JerseyDefensiveDriving.comHere you can select a coupon to enroll in a one time 6 hour defensive driving course.  This type of course is good for any driver, whether you are a teenager or adult, and whether you have a lot of

online defensive driving course, save money on car insurance

Save hundreds on car insurance.

experience or you don’t drive a whole lot.


A defensive driving course can save you up to 10% on your auto insurance.  In just a short amount of time, this course will have already paid for itself with your savings.  While it gives you savings each time you renew your insurance, it will also help if you have points on your license.  Taking a defensive driving course can take two points off your license.  Points can increase your insurance by a lot, so if you have any, it only benefits you to have two of them taken off.


This defensive driving course is offered online, or you can attend the seminar with a small group of people and the instructor, Howard Karp.  Get your coupon today for this defensive driving course. Save yourself even lots more money in car insurance premiums.

A defensive driving course is a great idea for your teenager.