Differentiate Or Die

Having the tallest buiding in town is achievable by buring down all the other tall buildings. But that won’t make you too popular. In advertising, it’s not necessary to bury your competitors but it IS ok to let your audience know where your company shines.

Before writing that check for your next ad campaign, make a list of all the things you do or have that make your business a better choice than the next guy in your area.

Do you have:
Newer equipment?
A better atmosphere?
An expert on staff?
25 years experience?
Thousands of satisfied customers?
The secret formula handed down from your great grandfather?
Use a proprietary blend of cheeses?
Have a special, money-back guarantee?
Have the largest inventory or selection?
Promise an experience unlike any other?

The point here is that consumers’ choices are more plentiful than ever. Let people know why you’re in business, what makes you better, and what they’ve been missing! Then deliver the best experience you’re capable of delivering.

You can do this with print ads, direct mail, your website and on your moderncoupon.com coupon page.

The copywriters at moderncoupon.com can help you craft a message that you may wish to use in your other advertising efforts! An extra bonus that comes with your 21st Century-Style Marketing Campaign.