Direct-Response Method Of Advertising Explained

Continuing my series of blog posts called “Strategies For Successful Print Ads“:

One key aspect of direct-response advertising is including a specific deadline…like a coupon. By requiring action before the deadline and redemption of a coupon, there is a clear, measurable way to determine the success and effectiveness of your advertising.

Unless you can afford the cost to put your company name on a sports stadium or a blimp, you should ONLY invest your money into direct-response forms of advertising. Run quickly from ad reps selling you on the virtues of branding and repetition. Better yet, kick them out. That strategy is for companies with multi-million dollar ad budgets.

Anything from diner placemat ads & church program ads to newspaper or magazine ads should be created in direct-response style.

Your ads all have coupons. You can change them at will, experiment with expirations and offers.

Consumers will try you for your discount, then it’s YOUR job to treat them right so they’ll become your repeat customer for life.

While a deadline is a key element to any direct-response ad, it’s not the the only one.  In this series you’ll also learn about:

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Have Fun!

Andrew (ModernMaze) Mazer