Email Marketing moderncoupon-Style

 We previously described how to use to enhance your business’ coupon marketing efforts and investment.  Then we talked about the built-in social media tools which make easy for any business owner to engage the power of marketing on Facebook & Twitter.

Now we’ll show you how moderncoupon incorporates email marketing for your benefit.

  1. Every time someone chooses a coupon, they must either sign up or sign in to moderncoupon. Signing up means becoming a member. We get the first name, email address and zip code (many give their birthday, which is optional). Coupons they choose are sent to their email and you, the business owner, are also sent a copy of the email. Now you have your customer’s email address for any email marketing you may wish to do on your own.

  2. Whether you’re inclined to email your clients or not, moderncoupon sends out a weekly email featuring all our clients’ businesses*. This email goes out to every moderncoupon member. That’s 52 emails per year going out to an opt-in audience who is expecting and requesting offers from local, independently-owned businesses. Our emails get opened significantly more than the national average because people have requested them and anticipate them.

  3. Each email we send out is also equipped with the Facebook & Twitter share links so you and your employees can receive the email and forward it to your social media accounts.

  4. Every moderncoupon web page is equipped with an email “share” button. This can be used to your great advantage:

As you can see, moderncoupon is equipped as a comprehensive small business marketing system.

I’m Andrew Mazer, creator of A simple 1-page web page on can augment your current website and online marketing efforts. If you don’t have a website, a moderncoupon site can effectively act as your main site. At a cost of just about $1 a day, it’s quite simply a NO-BRAINER.

Call Toll-Free:1-866-799-2825 or email: to start your full-year advertising subscription. Mention FIRST MONTH FREE COUPON and you’ll get 13 months for the price of 12.