Email Marketing Service

We’re going to promote YOUR business on to OUR email audience.

Reach Thousands of New Consumers Instantly With Our Email Marketing

Since 2009, hundreds of thousands of local consumers have visited moderncoupon, selected coupons and opted into our email list to receive notification when new businesses and their coupons become available. Thousands more visit every month.  We have acquired a large email list of people just waiting to know about new coupons from local businesses. Tap into this great resource!

Your business will be featured regularly in our emails sent to thousands of local consumers looking for local businesses like yours.

Demographically Targeted Customers

There’s nothing like a hungry crowd who’s buying what you’re selling. Your coupons collect the contact information from the people who choose them. You will receive an email telling you the person’s name and email address so you can add their name to your own marketing list (if you have one). If you don’t have one yet, this will help you start one. We highly recommend everyone in business to leverage the gift of email. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to keep in tough with your existing customers-the life blood of any successful business.

Finding Your Ideal Customers Online

moderncoupon attracts mature adults between 34-64 years old. These are educated people who have money to spend. Join us and our audience becomes your audience. Get instant exposure to 1000’s of consumers.

Analyzing visitor profiles, we’re discovered the ration of men and women who visit the site is almost exactly 50-50, making moderncoupon a practical choice for anyone looking to appeal to intelligent adults who have money to spend. If this is the kind of customer you’re looking for (and of course, it is), you want to advertise your business on