“FREE”: The Most Powerful Word In Marketing

Stir up traffic into your business with a free giveaway.  

Using a FREE promotion is a great way to get people to buy other things. Simply using the word FREE attracts the eye and piques curiosity. People will read your message!

Giving away something of value as a bonus for buying something else at regular price really works. Execute this tactic and gain new customers, create traffic, attract sales and entice people to try new items or services.  

Some ideas:

Watch how other businesses are using FREE in their marketing. Incorporate ideas you see outside what’s typical in your industry. That’ll help you stand out. Use imagination.

****Here’s a couple very important points to remember when rolling our your FREE promotion:

1. Don’t give away something free that no one wants at regular price. If it’s a dud, it’ll have zero, or close to zero attraction as a FREE giveaway and won’t give your promotion the results you’re looking for.

2. Use the word FREE liberally but DON’T use it in the subject line of your emails! Many email spam filters will block emails having the word FREE in the subject line.

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