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Using coupons, in print or online is a great way to stimulate activity in your business.  By nature, it has important components of direct-response marketing: an offer  and a deadline.

Here’s where I see business-owners missing out on coupon marketing: LIST COLLECTION.  Your customer list is valuable.  People who come in to your place of business with a coupon in hand are an opportunity not only to make a sale but to retain that customer.

Now that you have that customer, or any customer for that matter, you will do your company a great service by finding ways to collect names, home addresses and email addresses.  There’s no more efficient way to attract business than from satisfied customers you’ve already served.

How will you get your customers and clients to give up that information?  Here are a few ideas:

Today you need to constantly remind your customers that you exist, you’re open, you love them, and you have every desire to give them a wonderful value of an experience….or they will be going someplace else.  Building and maintaining your customer list has never been quite so important.