How Social Media Marketing Gets Done moderncoupon Style

Most small business owners don’t know how to use social media to their advantage. Good news for you: You don’t have to know! has it built right in!

Here’s how it works:

1. Your moderncoupon site has built-in social media “share” links. These are for Facebook, Twitter and email sharing. Here’s how you use them:

2. WAIT!!!!…..DON’T WORRY if you don’t have a Facebook account. If you have employees, especially young adults, chances are they have a Facebook account and can make use of this platform for you.  

3. Ask your customers to check out and share your page with their Facebook friends. Put a sign on your counter. Most people have HUNDREDS of Facebook friends. When they click on something they LIKE on Facebook, their audience of friends has a chance to see it. You can potentially advertise to hundreds or even THOUSANDS of people when someone shares your Facebook post.

4. Same thing goes for the Twitter share link.

5. The email share link opens a tool which lets you or any user send a copy or link to your moderncoupon page to anyone’s email address.  

6. Every day, we feature posts about our clients on our moderncoupon Facebook Fan Page and Twitter where potentially hundreds, or even thousands of people can see it.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool. While most people are on Facebook shooting the breeze about where they are, what they’re doing and why their complaining about stuff, smart marketers are using this massive audience to gently weave in their marketing messages. It works!

I’m Andrew Mazer, creator of A simple 1-page web page on can augment your current website and online marketing efforts. If you don’t have a website, a moderncoupon site can effectively act as your main site. At a cost of just about $1 a day, it’s quite simply a NO-BRAINER.  

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