How To Create A Theme For Your Ad Or Promotion

When running an ad to drive sales, get new customers, move inventory, or introduce new items, it’s important to have a “because” for your new promotion. Justifying your reason for the sale makes folks pay attention. A theme adds reason and creates a heightened level interest.

The psychology behind this isn’t important to understand. It’s only important that you know it works.

Ever notice how the big companies tie in season, holidays and current events into their commercials? Macy’s can get away with running a “Presidents Day Sale”. But can you? Looks a bit awkward. Unnatural coming from a smaller operator.

Here’s a couple tips to catch your prospects’ attention, stand out and add a little humor to your marketing.

1. Weird Holidays: There are a number of websites that have extensive lists of strange and silly national holidays. Just go to your favorite search engine and type in weird holidays. There’s usually a number of them for every day of the year so it’s pretty easy to find one that you can make fit your next promotion. Using weird holidays as a theme ads intrigue and humor. Using this imaginative tactic creates that reason for the promotion and it’s a real attention-grabber.

2. This Day In History: Personally, I try to look for the silly stuff here as well. If it’s not silly on its own merits, you can often contour some silly reason to make it fit your promotion.

People who are entertained by your message will remember it, remember you, pass it along and pay attention to your ads next time.

It’s really fun using these ideas to theme your ads or promotions. Let your imagination fly and have fun with it. People like to laugh, smile and share fun & interesting things. It’s quite possible to get your promotions passed along for their entertainment value and into the hands of people you hadn’t even targeted through the miracle of the social networks.
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