How To Make Print Coupons Work Better For Your Business: Smart Couponing is a small business marketing machine. It works for your business in so many ways.  

Here’s how to get more bang for your print advertising buck when you have a moderncoupon promo site:

1. Every time your customer redeems a print ad coupon, give them a invitation card (these cards can be provided to you at no charge). Tell them to check out your coupons online. Why? You will gradually push your coupon audience to your moderncoupon site and eventually be able to slow down or perhaps stop your printed coupons. This could save you thousands of dollars.

2. Put the logo on your print ad. Start driving people to your coupon site. There, they’ll see a lot more about your business than they can see in any print ad. Because your moderncoupon page is a real website, you can describe your business in unlimited detail, post a video, pictures and….

3….UNLIMITED coupon offers. You can post as many coupon offers as you can dream up. coupons aren’t only about a discount. No, no….Smart couponing is about getting your customer to try new things, getting them to spend MORE, not less by rewarding them for spending more money. Smart couponing is also about….

4….Changing your message and your coupons often. Keeping coupons changing often keeps your customers engaged. They want to see what kind of deal you’re offering next. If you give them the same offers all the time, they get dull and your customer will stop paying attention.  Your moderncoupon site can be modified easily any time. No special skills needed. It’s all a simple fill-in-the blanks form. And if you don’t want to do it….WE’LL do it for you.

I’m Andrew Mazer, creator of A simple 1-page web page on can augment your current website or even supercharge it! As well as your other online marketing efforts. If you don’t have a website, a moderncoupon site can effectively act as your main site. At a cost of just about $1 a day, it’s quite simply a NO-BRAINER.

Call Toll-Free:1-866-799-2825 or email: to start your full-year advertising subscription. Mention FIRST MONTH FREE COUPON and you’ll get 13 months for the price of 12.