Interactive Coupons

Interactive coupons…what that mean and what are the benefits?

Downloadable, Printable Coupons Collect Name and Email Contact Information

In case you didn’t know, the goal of every internet marketing expert us to collect the email contact information of every person who has done business with them or has show the slightest interest in their product, service or topic. Every person, whether they buy now or not, is still a prospect to buy later.

How Does moderncoupon Build Your Powerful, Valuable Email List?

When people choose your coupons, it’s delivered to them via email. They are “opting-in” to your marketing list ant the same time they have chosen your coupon. It doesn’t even matter if they redeem it! YOU ALSO get an email notification every time someone chooses your coupons. For one, it’s nice to know your marketing is working. But MORE important, you get to capture and keep the contact information for your own email marketing campaigns. No other marketing platform gives you this information. Why? Because they don’t want you to know the secrets of marketing your business online.

How to Make Your Email Contact List Pay Off Big!

Every valid email address you get on your list comes with it the probability of a future sale. It’s a numbers game. Between 12% to 20% of your audience will open and read your emails at any given time. Of those who open them, some will take action immediately and do business with you. This means sales at the push of a button. But that’s not all. most of the remaining 88% who delete your email will remember you. This is a very cheap yet effective way to keep in top-of-mind position with your customers. It reduces the chance they will be lured away to a competitor and it increases the chance they will refer you, JUST because you remained in their consciousness.