Local Business Marketers: Add This To Your Portfolio Of Services

To my colleagues in the online “Local” marketing business; I’m NOT selling you anything.

I’ve created this online directory which leverages the huge popularity of both Local Business Search and Online Coupons. Introducing moderncoupon.com.

This is nothing like the “daily-deals” like Groupon or Living Social. It’s a full-time online marketing product which gets tremendous SEO.  This video explains why I’m reaching out to you.  Please watch it and then lets talk. Call me at 609-841-9622

I created this product from a model I had success with in marketing my own wholesale company. The product is called WholesaleCentral.com.  Back in the late 90’s, they had the insight to know people were poking around online looking for “wholesale” merchandise. Until a persistent salesman convinced me to advertise my business and my website on his company’s “wholesale directory”, I got 4 years worth of $ZERO online.

I got better and better at marketing my stuff online and a couple years ago I decided to imitate that marketing platform to help local businesses.  

The word “wholesale” is used in Google searches 7 million times per month. But the word “coupon” is used 45 million times per month. Viola! moderncoupon.com and it’s advertisers get pretty great SEO.  Most of our clients are getting great results and renewing their ad subscriptions.  

My intention is to get you to believe in the product so that you will add it to your local business optimization service as a value-added bonus.

I sell this product for $497 for a year ($39/month after the first year).  You can give it away for free on a trial basis for 6 months or until the product is producing measurable results.  How many new customers does your typical client need to justify a $500 investment?  Not too many, I’ll bet.  

Then, we gently as the client if they would like to continue at the low regular price and you have got a nice commission and a residual income vehicle.