Online Coupon Site Gets High Search Engine Results

It’s official: small businesses who advertise on the pages of the the local business coupons site, are getting high search engine results.

There are thousands upon thousands of online searches every minute of the day which include the word “coupon”.  Because the pages ofmoderncoupon.comcontain a heavy quantity of content matching these online searches, these pages show up in results.

This effectively drive more traffic and our advertisers reap the benefits.

For example, if someone searches the term: “coupons for restaurants in Cherry Hill, NJ”, it’s not uncommon for 2,3 or 4 individual moderncoupon pages to show up on page page 1 of the search results on Google. Click here to see results-

Not everyone is making their buying decisions based upon the coupons they find online. But surely, the people searching for online coupons are in “buying mode”. 

So if you want to be where a large segment of the population are going to make buying decisions, you want to be in the online coupon space. In particular

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