Online Coupons For Local Businesses Are Environmentally Friendly is a delivery system and local business marketing platform for local businesses.

“Keeping it local” is a great thing to do for many reasons:

First, supporting local business owners is great for your community. Your local business owners are your neighbors. By keeping your patronage in the neighborhood, it also keeps money circulating around your own community. So it’s better to support your local, independently-owned coffee shop than Starbucks. Since Starbucks is a corporately-owned business, profits are shipped off to headquarters in Seattle

Second, supporting local businesses means less emissions. It spends less fuel to get supplies to locally-owned businesses from their local suppliers. The less goods have to travel, the more environmentally friendly the transaction.

Third, it helps maintain a home town culture. Don’t you have when you see an old-time retailer or restaurant go out of business because a big national chain moved in? It’s a real bummer when a small business owner is forced to call it quits. It may also mean he’s in financial ruin. It’s bad.

Online coupons on don’t waste paper. You print only the coupons you need. Plus, if you have a smart phone, most moderncoupon merchants will accept the coupon from your smart phone screen. 

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