Online Marketing Ideas For Realtors

Want to list more properties? Here’s a few tips on how to leverage the power of the web to give YOU greater visibility and land more listings.

There are only so many positions on page 1 search engine results…unless you use some “outside-the-box” thinking.  

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Lets say you’re a Real Estate Agent in New Jersey.  Who knows, maybe you’re one of 120,000 real estate agents (maybe more). But you’re one of 40,000 in South Jersey. We’ll your chances of having your personal website show up in search results is super-slim, to say the least.

But you don’t care because you’re a real estate agent in Camden County in South Jersey.  Now, your competition for online visibility has diminished drastically. But because there’s still about 7000 real estate agents in Camden County, it’ll still be a minor miracle to get high search engine results.

But that’s OK because you would rather get home listings in Cherry Hill or Haddonfield.  

I don’t know the actual number of real estate agents there are in Cherry Hill and Haddonfield but it’s not that many.  You CAN get first page search results and land new clients and new listings.  

There WILL almost invariable be competition for organic (free search results-not pay-per-click) BUT, seldom are all the spots on page one occupied for good reason.

Fortunately for you, very few real estate agents have good websites. They usually don’t have search engine-friendly websites either. They’re just on page one by luck.  With a handful of smart online marketing methods including:

YOU can be a fixture on page one local searches for real estate agents in your town.  

Tap in to the wildly-popular world of online coupons.

Every day people go online looking for online coupons for just about anything.  

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