Small Business Marketing Article: Easy Way To Use Facebook To Promote Your Business

You hear all about social media marketing but you just don’t get it. This is a brief article about a couple of shortcuts you can use to use this powerful media to reach hundreds (maybe thousands) of people…..even if you don’t DO Facebook & Twitter yourself.

If you don’t use Facebook and Twitter yourself, you’ll need to turn to your employees or someone you know who has a Facebook account and a list of Facebook “friends”.

Your advertising subscription on gives you a webpage that’ll contain all your most important business information:

At the top of your page there are “share links”.

Whoever is looking at your page, you, your employees, friends & customers can click the share links to spread the word to their social media friends. 

Most young people have massive friends lists on these social media sites. Most have hundreds of friends. Some have thousands. 

When these people go to your page and click the share links, they’re instantly sending a message with your page attached.

Since most people check in to their Facebook page several times each day, the chances are great a majority of people on your friends list will see the post.

Each post then has the ability to be “LIKED” or shared again, giving it even more traction!  Imagine the reach you could have if you were to have 2, 3 or 4 people helping you out with this once a week who have large friends lists!

It’s very important, however, for you to keep the content of your moderncoupon site and your Facebook posts changing each time. 

Good Marketing!

Andrew (Maze) Mazer

Founder of Affordable Online Marketing Systems & creator of, the 21st Century-Style Small Business Marketing System


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