Social Media Marketing Tips For Local Business

A strong presence on social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter is definitely a good marketing strategy for a local business.

A “strong” presence means an active presence. Making and responding to posts at least several times per week is necessary for social media to be a marketing asset.

To make social media work for your business, you need to “play the game”. This means get involved with the conversations, “like” other people’s posts, comment on them and make posts of your own. Subtlety is important. You shouldn’t try to sell something with every post. If you do, people will turn you off.

Facebook has a complex system which evaluates your activity and responses to your posts. If people don’t interact with you, you will be increasingly less visible even if you are actively making posts.

Here are a few tips on getting good results on the social sites:

These are but a few ideas and there are endless resources for more. Social media is free but it will cost you in terms of time and effort. As I always say, nothing worthwhile is easy.

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