Social Media Marketing for Local Businesses

Social media has come on the scene and immediately dominated the conversation. It’s a phenomenal weapon in a local business marketing arsenal, but social media is constantly changing.

How To Market a Local Business On Social Media-This is How moderncoupon Does It.

Social media friends, fans & followers…it all sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Friends, fans & followers are very nice words in marketing. But do your social media followers put a dollar in your pocket? However, on social media

Most businesses are spending time and money marketing on social media for the wrong reason: because it’s popular. But very few people (even the so-called experts) know how to turn this investment of time and money into customers and cash. They’re all so busy trying to get people to LIKE OUR PAGE but who are these people? Are they really friends and fans of your business? And even if they are, do your posts elicit a response? Probably not. and if they every did, now that the social media platforms have all gone to a pay-for-promotion platform, organic visibility is rapidly diminishing.

The Answer to Social Media Marketing

The answer to social media marketing is direct-response marketing. This means, make an offer to a highly-targeted audience. This is what moderncoupon does for your business. We are professional marketers and we’re here to make sure our clients are getting much more for their marketing dollars than any kid, “geek”, typical social media fraud can deliver (and they know who they are).

  1. Our audience is highly targeted in locality, age range, income range, interests, and behaviors.
  2. We invest CASH in social media marketing on behalf of our clients to get your business and your offers in front of the right people, not necessarily you so-called “fans.”
  3. We place 52 of these highly targeted posts (one each week) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest along with some other powerful online content platforms, all of which contain your brand and a coupon offer. These posts combine to put your business in front of tens of 1000’s of people who all prospective customers.