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13 Marketing Mistakes Business Owners Make Online and Offline

Posted by Modern Maze

13 Marketing Mistakes Business Owners Make Online and Offline

How Get Your Local Small Business Discovered Online Seminar

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-This 45-minute seminar takes some of the mystery out of getting your small business- discovered online. 

A website is important but it’s only one tactic in an online marketing strategy.

Information shared in this presentation will reveal simple ideas which can be implemented by anyone-even if you don’t have a website!

Business owners only, please. Sorry, no children. Refreshments will be served.

Q & A session at the end of presentation.

Seating is limited: RSVP REQUIRED.

email your name, and business name to

or call 609-841-9622

How And Why To Increase Your Facebook Fan List

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This article started out as “How To Increase Your Facebook Fan List” but I erased it because the article became too long.  I decided to focus on the “Why” instead and tie in the “How” later.

Here are some very powerful reasons why a Facebook Fan Page is your friend:

1. It’s free advertising to a list of very targeted, very interested people

2. It’s better than email. On average, less than 20% of emails are opened even when they’ve opted-in to your email list. Your fans see your message when they look at Facebook 

3. It’s easy for people to share what they “LIKE” on Facebook, comment on it and tell their Facebook friends. Most people have hundreds of Facebook friends. Some have thousands. Give them something to talk about and share and your audience and business can skyrocket.

Instead of going through a the long list of “How” to increase your Facebook Fan list, I decided to give you better advice: go to Youtube and search the term. There are dozens of video tutorials on the subject which are more thorough and easy to absorb through video.

There are tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people you can reach for little or no cost through the power of the internet & social media. You CAN learn the stuff and engage in it and grow your business.

Don’t go to the gold mine with a pocket knife. At least bring a shovel. Put out some effort. Apply yourself. The opportunities have never been so great to take advantage of technology.

Good Marketing.

Andrew (Modern Maze) Mazer

Founder of Affordable Online Marketing Systems

Creator of

How I Started My Business: A Blog Post Idea

Posted by Modern Maze

Did you know YOUR story can help draw customers to your business?

Here’s how it works:

You’re in business for some reason.

Whatever your story, it has the ability to attract the attention of prospective customers AND ESPECIALLY the search engines!  

How?  First, people love stories. Ever pick up a Reader’s Digest Magazine? There’s a reason it’s been a top publication for generations. It’s full of stories. The bible, is full of stories. Every article in the newspaper is considered “a story”.  

Your story may not get read by massive amounts of people, but that doesn’t necessarily matter. Because IN your story, you’re going to

By including all this information, you’ll be using the same “search terms” people may be using to look up a business like yours. When someone searches for what you’re describing in your blog post, you have a higher chance to get discovered online.

Your blog post is going to have a link back to your website so when someone gets referred by the search engine to your blog post, they can click right on over to your site and choose one of your coupon offers.

You know what’s really cool?….Not too many people know about this. So take advantage!  This is one of those things where you can be among the first in your industry and trading area to get high search engine rankings using this method.

Need help with your story or getting it posted on blog sites around the web? We can help. Send your inquiry to and put BLOG POST in the subject line. Leave your business name and contact information in the email message.

Andrew Mazer

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