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How To Create Coupons That Produce Results

Posted by Modern Maze

Some things to consider before you craft your next coupon ad.

1. Are you trying to sell something specific? You can create a coupon to isolate one item or set of items. Something new, something seasonal, something unique or something you really need to move.

2. Are you willing to break even on your coupon offer in hopes to land some repeat customers? I often hear merchants complain about the coupon customers. They don’t want to attract the people who only come when there’s a coupon. I’ll make 3 points: A. you need new customers in order to convert them into repeat customers.
B. once you get a new customer in your place, it’s up to you, your business and your team to provide an experience that transcends the discount in order to get that person back, coupon or no coupon and C. coupons crafted creatively don’t have to cost you all your profit. Create coupon offers that make you celebrate rather than cringe when they’re redeemed.

3. Change your coupons offers often. Customers react to expiration dates but if they know the same coupon will be available next time they get one, the urgency of redeeming now is diminished. So changing the coupon offer may get your customer to act now. It will also add to the interest next time. Folks will want to see what you have going on this time.

4. Incorporate a FREE item or service. The word, FREE is very attactive in advertising and it attracts attention all by itself. Be creative in coming up with a free offer that doesn’t cost you much but could tip the scales when someone is deciding where to go to buy something or eat somewhere. “Kids eat free”, “Free dessert”, “Buy one, get one free”.

5. Use specific dollar amounts rather than percentages. I’ve found that most people have a more favorable response to an ad that tells them a specific amount of the savings. $5.00 off is more powerful that 15%. Plus, if you craft your offer well, the $5.00 discount will end up costing you less than the 15%

6. Follow the experts. Keep an eye on other coupon offers. Observe ads from businesses both in your industry and in other industries for ideas.

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