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Coupons For Tanning Salons in Erie, PA

Posted by Modern Maze

Sun Your Buns Tanning Salons on Erie. PA are the largest, cleanest salons in the region. 5 locations to serve you and all with the latest tanning equipment. 

Tanning beds, upright tanning with all levels of tanning available. 

Check out our coupons

and take advantage of our incredibly low monthly memberships.  

We realize your clients tan for different reasons….maybe it’s

To get a little color for a date coming up this weekend
To get some quick color for your upcoming vacation, or
To just to get that golden glow that makes you look and feel great all year long.
Regardless of your reasons, we’ve design our luxury tanning salons with you in mind.

Here, you’ll receive the fastest, best results with our state-of-the-art equipment in the cleanest, nicest and largest salons you’ve ever seen.

We offer 6 different levels of tanning equipment. something for every occasion, budget and skin type because each level of tanning produces a slightly different result.