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My Website Is Worth Over $100,000.00 Is yours?

Posted by Modern Maze

Can you put a price tag or a value on your company’s website?

Have you determined how much revenue or new customers your web presence generates?  Does it produce any? It can and it should.

Back in the late 90’s, I knew it was possible to leverage the power of the web to get new customers and make real sales.  It took many years and probably tens of thousands of dollars to figure it out. But now the rewards flow in daily.  

In fact, my online marketing represents a tangible asset…something I can make money with continually or sell for a substantial profit. 

Now that the online presence for my business produces a real, consistent, predictable income and continual flow of customers, I’ve been able to start my new business-helping other business owners get more results online. (yes, faster and cheaper than it took me to do it)

I’m finding very few have any real enthusiasm for marketing their business online. I have a feeling it’s either because they’ve already tried and failed, OR they just think their business is different and it’s not possible for them.

I wrote an article entitled “Your Best Employee At 34 Cents An Hour”  in this month’s edition of our newsletter (Modern Advertising & Marketing Advantage) which is sent out via direct mail. It talks about how your website could be and should be your highly valued  24/7/365 sales force.  

My website along with the rest of the marketing I do online is like the goose that lays the golden eggs. It has changed my business and changed my life.  I wonder why more business owners don’t invest more effort in making this happen when it’s happening for others everywhere.  

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When I hear some of my clients tell me, “this is the best thing I’ve ever done for my business”, or “I can honestly say I make at least $300 extra every week now”, it’s an absolute thrill for me. The marketing technology online is still very new and most businesses just don’t do it well. That means there’s still great opportunity for you to leverage the web to get more customer and make more money.