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Jersey Java & Tea Coupons

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An independently-owned coffee shop in a downtown area is one of the most relaxing places to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, tea, or some other concoction they are able to create.  Haddonfield, NJ has a terrific downtown area, with many shops and restaurants.  But it is Jersey Java & Tea on Haddon Avenue that stands out to folks not only in Haddonefield but also in the adjoining towns of Westmont,Collingswood and Cherry Hill.

Opened in 2009 in Haddonfield, they have gradually turned into a specialty coffee ship, offering a wide variety of coffees and other traditional drinks.  A

coupons for restaurants in Haddonfield, NJ

Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino, Espresso, great atmosphere, nice people.

long with enjoy a fresh coffee or drink, you can enjoy some of our fresh baked goods, such as cakes, cookies, bagels, and pies.  Some nights during the week, we also have some live acoustic music, enhancing the setting of our coffee shop.  Right here at moderncoupon, you can get a coupon to try one of our specialty drinks out for yourself.


Bring a friend, and get your buy 1 get 1 free coupon today right here from moderncoupon.  We are sure you will enjoy our specialty drinks, and incredibly relaxing setting in downtown Haddonfield.  Check it out today!

Haddonfield Businesses – A List Of Online Coupons For Local Businesses

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Coupons for places in Haddonfield, New Jersey 

We think it’s important to patronize your local business owners. It’s good for the community both culturally and economically. 

So thank you for visiting this site. Just click the links above. The nice people who own these Haddonfield businesses would just love to have you as a customer with a coupon.