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How To Grow Your Email List & Boost Business

Posted by Modern Maze

Boost Business-Grow Your List!

Contests are a great way to get involved with your client base and Halloween is one easy topic.

Having people submit their entries and include their phone, address, and email now gives you license to reach out and contact them when they win (or even if they DON’T win) the contest.

Every contestant can be a winner (or runner -up) and be required to visit you again to redeem the prize.

By developing more ways to get your existing customers back through your doors more often, you will build a continuingly more valuable business.

Is Coupon Marketing Right For Your Business?

Posted by Modern Maze

I just got finished watching an absurd video message about how marketing a retail business with coupons is a mistake. I say this is absurd for a number of reasons.

I could argue for the intelligent use of online coupon marketing all day. Just look at all the effort and money companies like Duncan Donuts, Papa Johns, Express, Macy’s and even Coach handbags invest in coupon marketing. 

I find it comical that these Mickey-Mouse marketing firms try to carve a niche by denouncing a tried and true method of marketing which has not only stood the test of time, but is growing exponentially. 

The great recession combined with the great internet and social media expansion has fueled the online coupon method of marketing and THIS marketing expert says the trend will continue for a generation….at least.

I’m Andrew Mazer, the creator of is a local business marketing product created to benefit independent business owners and the customers they serve.

Learn more about the benefits of advertising your small business with us. Watch this video

Ideas For October Promotions

Posted by Modern Maze

Stand Out! Be Different! 

OK, I understand your business isn’t going to get millions of raving fans just because you run a special sale in October. But if you can get JUST A FEW people to talk about you, it’s possible to bring in some extra customers and make some extra money.

While every other business, large and small is doing Halloween-theme or Autumn-theme promotions, YOU can do something different.

Why would you want to do something different?

Check out this HUGE list of interesting topics October is famous for. I’m certain you can wrap a message and a moderncoupon offer around at least ONE of these to make you and your business a topic of conversation.

Family History Month
National Pizza Month
National Clock Month
National Popcorn Popping Month
National Roller Skating Month
Adopt a Dog Month
Computer Learning Month
National Apple Month
National Car Care Month
National Pretzel Month
National Stamp Collecting Month
National AIDS Awareness Month
National Adopt a shelter pet Month
National Dessert Month
National Cosmetology Month
National Pickled Pepper Month
National Sarcastic Month
National Seafood Month
National Kitchen and Bath Month,
Vegetarian Awareness Month
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Polish History Month
Child Health Month
National Pasta Month
Nation Pork Month
National Cookie Month
Health Literacy Month
Diversity Awareness Month
Domestic Violence Awareness Month
National Depression Education & Awareness Month
National Crime Prevention Month
National Disability Employment Awareness Month
Clergy Appreciation Month
Dinosaur Month
Eat Country Ham
Hunger Awareness Month
National Applejack Month
National Communicate with Your Kid Month
Fantasy Month
National Pharmacy Month
Do-It Yourself Month
National Dental Hygiene Month
National Orthodontic Month
Consumer Information Month
World Chocolate Awareness Month
American Magazine Month
Auto Battery Safety Month
Campaign for Healthier Babies Month
Christmas Seal Campaign Month
Country Music Month
Energy Awareness Month
Car Care Month
Fire Prevention Month
Hunger Awareness Month
SIDS Awareness Month
Spinal Health Month
Youth against Tobacco Month
Asthma Awareness Month
Auto Battery Safety Month
Cookbook Month
Eat Better, Eat Together Month
Family Health Month
Healthy Lung Month
International Microwave Month
Learning Disabilities Awareness Month
Month of the First Frost
National Caramel Month
National Collector’s Month
National Cranberry Month
National Education Month
National Pumpkin Month
National Sausage Month
Safe America Month
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Awareness Month
Turn Over a New Leaf Month
Chevy Truck Month
American Girl Month
Brain Awareness Month

How To Convert More Loyal Customers From Your Daily Deal Campaign

Posted by Modern Maze

Daily-Deal customers are often “deal hoppers” and seldom become loyal patrons. A continuing coupon strategy on will help lower the “buying barrier” in order to get these deal-seekers back for more.

When a customers redeems a daily deal voucher, you or your staff should simply thank them for their business and let them know they engage your online coupons any time. Presumably, these new clients were satisfied with your product or service. So you don’t want them waiting around for your next daily-deal offer. You want them back soon! But THEY still want a deal. So give them access to your online coupons on There, they’re not going to find big fat 50% off discounts but they WILL find modest, money-saving coupons which will lower the buying barrier and get them to patronize you again. But this time, YOU get to make some profit AND further build your relationship with the customer.

A coupon campaign on is a full-year deal for only pennies a day.

You get a full web page showcasing your business, unlimited coupons and social media tools built right in.  

Not everybody uses coupons, but LOTS of people do. Millions of people search for online coupons before they make a decision to buy. When your business is on the moderncoupon directory of local businesses with coupons, you’re going to show up in more Google searches. 

It works.

Local Business Marketing With Coupons

Posted by Modern Maze

Online marketing for small, local businesses is affordable and easy with

List your business on our high-traffic online directory.

This small business marketing system is powerful because so many people go online looking for coupons for local restaurants, retailers and service businesses. There’s so much competition to make your business or your website visible online, you need to think out-of-the-box.

When your business has an affordable full-page ad (just $39/month) on, you’re business will become visible to hundreds or even thousands of local consumers who may have not otherwise found out about you.

Millions of people today go online looking for where they can get an online coupon before they make their buying decisions. This is how to make your business visible online to those people.

Online coupon users tend to be better customers. You may think their cheap but actually, they’re usually the wealthier among us? “How do you think they got so rich?” Online coupon users are statistically are higher-educated and higher income people.

If you want to market your business to smart people who have money to spend, (of course you do), you want to be marketing in the online coupon space.

You get a search engine optimized web page to showcase your business and describe it in unlimited detail. You get to show pictures, embed a video, and a link back to your main website (if you have one). You can post as many coupons as you want. And all your coupons capture the name and email address of the person who chose it for your own email marketing campaigns. Social media tool is built right in.

This is a powerful, done-for-you online marketing product specifically created to be affordable for small, independently-owned local businesses like yours.

Online Coupon Site Gets High Search Engine Results

Posted by Modern Maze

It’s official: small businesses who advertise on the pages of the the local business coupons site, are getting high search engine results.

There are thousands upon thousands of online searches every minute of the day which include the word “coupon”.  Because the pages ofmoderncoupon.comcontain a heavy quantity of content matching these online searches, these pages show up in results.

This effectively drive more traffic and our advertisers reap the benefits.

For example, if someone searches the term: “coupons for restaurants in Cherry Hill, NJ”, it’s not uncommon for 2,3 or 4 individual moderncoupon pages to show up on page page 1 of the search results on Google. Click here to see results-

Not everyone is making their buying decisions based upon the coupons they find online. But surely, the people searching for online coupons are in “buying mode”. 

So if you want to be where a large segment of the population are going to make buying decisions, you want to be in the online coupon space. In particular

To advertise YOUR business on, the local business online marketing machine, just call Toll-Free: 1-866-799-2825

Online Marketing Buyer’s Guide For Small Business Owners

Posted by Modern Maze

Click the link below to view or print this valuable report.


This FREE Online Marketing Buyers Guide will help business owners make more informed decisions online.

Most business owners really don’t know what to do or what’s possible online and they often leave it up to a “geek” who knows nothing about sales, marketing or business.

Online marketing is essential today but it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.  

It should only take a few new customers to cover your online marketing expense. 

Search Engine Optimization For Local Small Businesses: The Internet Gravity Wheel

Posted by Modern Maze

I created Internet Gravity Wheel (sm) as a way to visualize a concept of a local business online marketing system. A method of search engine optimization.

The term, “internet gravity” refers to the way a local business “attracts” the attention of search engines.

The web is very friendly to local business today but only a fraction of businesses are proactive in “working” this awesome tool.

Google is by far the #1 search tool on the web and its claim to fame is that it reports the best, most relevant search results of any other search tool. But it doesn’t work alone nor is it the only search engine people use. True, Google does harvest immense amounts of online data on its own but part of its unique way of determining high relevance in searches is from where it gathers the information. That’s where the Internet Gravity Wheel comes in.

A company’s website is just the tip if the iceberg when it comes to a presence online. Not to diminish its importance, but there are other significant places around the web that draws much more visitor traffic that a typical stand-alone small business website.

Having content all around the web pointing back to your business and your website is what Internet Gravity Wheel is all about. What I mean by that is a presence and optimized profile on directories and citation sites.

Online directories and citation sites are abundant. Many of them are free and your business is very likely already listed on many of them. But you can make your business stand out by “claiming” your listing on these directories as the business owner. 

“Claiming” your profile on these directory listings usually permits you to upload photos of your choice, your logo, a link to your website, and to describe your business the way YOU want to. Many times, the information in these directories is inaccurate and inaccurate information can not only confuse prospective customers but can also confuse the search engine robots which pull information about your business and reduce your rankings because of the conflicting information.

You can also find relevant directories your business could or should be listed in and upload your business information. Many of these are free and have upgrades available which offer extra marketing for more exposure.

Some online directories are fee-based, like which offers a full web page to showcase your business with pictures, unlimited business descriptive detail, video and engages your prospective customer with unlimited coupon offers. gets high search engine rankings because it combines relevance of content: local business information and coupons. 

Whatever your business, it’s wise to find as many free directories to be in as possible. It’s also advisable to find one or 2 fee-based directories to test.

Businesses owners can do this work themselves. However, it IS time consuming. Turning this project over to us is a good idea because we can do it better, faster and cheaper than you can do it yourself.

(Internet Gravity Wheel is a Service Mark of Affordable Online Marketing Systems)