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Small Business Marketing – Online Marketing That Works

Posted by Modern Maze

This message is for business owners who want to make the web work to produce customers and make sales. Whether you have a website or not, the web can help get your phone to ring and people in your door.  

Straight talk here. No fancy persuasive language. No theory. These are facts because I’m not a computer geek-I’m a business owner who has gone through the motions, the learning and the study (and I still do) to get my business discovered online.

1. A website is just one tactic in an online marketing strategy. 

For most small businesses, particularly those who only serve their local market (I call the Main Street businesses) a website is at the bottom of the online marketing priority list. I’m not saying it’s not important, I’m saying there’s other, more powerful ways to get your your basic information in front of people’s eyes.

Besides, who’s going to find & visit your site unless they already know your website address? 

I like to use the “yard sale” analogy: How will people find your yard sale? If you just put your stuff out on your front yard, only the incidental passers by will ever see your sale. BUT, if you put a sign on either end of your street, signs on the neighborhood’s surrounding streets and a classified ad in your local paper, you’re going to attract more prospects. 

Attracting prospects to your business and your website is the same. There are dozens of ways you can put signs out on the “super highway” to get the attention of prospective customers. Most of them don’t even require you have a website. 

I’m experienced enough to know it’s important to keep this information is best delivered to you in bite-sized chunks so I’ll keep this series of messages short and recorded on video so you can review them any time.

Why I am sharing this information with you for free? 3 reasons:

  1. I learned a long time ago, when I share what I know, I learn it more and at a deeper level.

  2. I have a passion for helping small business owners. I come from a family of small business owners and eventually I became a wholesaler in service to small business owners.

  3. And finally, I can do all the things I’m about to share with you faster, better and cheaper than you can do them yourself.