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Is Coupon Marketing Right For Your Business?

Posted by Modern Maze

I just got finished watching an absurd video message about how marketing a retail business with coupons is a mistake. I say this is absurd for a number of reasons.

I could argue for the intelligent use of online coupon marketing all day. Just look at all the effort and money companies like Duncan Donuts, Papa Johns, Express, Macy’s and even Coach handbags invest in coupon marketing. 

I find it comical that these Mickey-Mouse marketing firms try to carve a niche by denouncing a tried and true method of marketing which has not only stood the test of time, but is growing exponentially. 

The great recession combined with the great internet and social media expansion has fueled the online coupon method of marketing and THIS marketing expert says the trend will continue for a generation….at least.

I’m Andrew Mazer, the creator of is a local business marketing product created to benefit independent business owners and the customers they serve.

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3 Small Business Marketing Tips

Posted by Modern Maze

One of the major things which makes you different from any other business is YOU.

Regardless of whether you interact with each and every client, your personality and style is woven into the culture of your business and the way your people act and serve.  Your people are a direct reflection on you and ultimately, the buck stop with you.  

Tip #1. Be ready to to turn every new customer into your best customer. SOMEBODY is going to be your best customer, big spender, raving fan and hopefully, all 3. Treat every new customer as if they have the ability to be those things. Demonstrate that behavior to your employees. Remind them when they forget.

Tip #2. Put your picture or your name (or both) on all your correspondence, especially email, and always personalize it with your clients’ name whenever possible. Never write, “Dear Client” in your emails if you have access to their name. and never sign your stuff with “From All Of Us” or “Your Company Name”…make it come from YOU.

Tip #3. When people get to know you, they may feel shy or cheap about redeeming your coupons.  You should encourage them to do so. Why? They will frequent you business more.

One of my first clients on, Amy Kinzel of Be Well Massage in Haddonfield, NJ smartly encourages her clients AND PROSPECTS to visit her moderncoupon site to pick up coupons. “If people call and ask how much we charge for massage, I tell them and then I direct them to our online coupons. It definitely helps to get them in for the first experience. I use my coupons to reward existing clients for their patronage. It works”.

Suzanne Kovlak of RockStar Tanning in Haddon Township, NJ says “I refer existing clients to the coupons to help me up-sell them into more expensive packages and tanning products “.

Nick & Joe’s Pizza in Westmont, NJ makes sure all their customers know about their always-available coupons because they know as a time-tested fact, their customers come back more often when they have a coupon to redeem.  

When your clients feel cheap for using your coupons it’s because YOU haven’t been inviting enough.

When they’re redeeming coupons, they’re spending money. THAT’S GOOD!

Most of you reading this email are moderncoupon advertisers. Are you clicking coupons from your fellow advertisers’ ads and patronizing them? You should!