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Cigar & Tobacco Stores With Online Coupons

Posted by Modern Maze

This page will serve as a directory for Cigar Stores and Smoke Shops in Philadelphia and it’s suburbs who offer online coupons on

The Smoking Dog, Maple Shade, NJ

Nero’s Cigars, Haddonfield, NJ

Smokers are being absolutely HAMMERED by unfair taxation. But that’s not where the suffering ends. Retailers, and wholesalers of tobacco products are suffering too. Sales are down because people are having a difficult time paying the high prices.

That’s why this page is dedicated to helping smokers afford the pleasure of an occasional smoke while helping those stores listed make more sales by attracting customers looking for online coupons for cigars and tobacco products.

People who appreciate a decent cigar should have access without the heavy tax burden. 

Thank you for visiting this page and for supporting the independently-owned businesses who try so hard to survive the odds of government interference regulation and unfair taxation.