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Is Coupon Marketing Right For Your Business?

Posted by Modern Maze

I just got finished watching an absurd video message about how marketing a retail business with coupons is a mistake. I say this is absurd for a number of reasons.

I could argue for the intelligent use of online coupon marketing all day. Just look at all the effort and money companies like Duncan Donuts, Papa Johns, Express, Macy’s and even Coach handbags invest in coupon marketing. 

I find it comical that these Mickey-Mouse marketing firms try to carve a niche by denouncing a tried and true method of marketing which has not only stood the test of time, but is growing exponentially. 

The great recession combined with the great internet and social media expansion has fueled the online coupon method of marketing and THIS marketing expert says the trend will continue for a generation….at least.

I’m Andrew Mazer, the creator of is a local business marketing product created to benefit independent business owners and the customers they serve.

Learn more about the benefits of advertising your small business with us. Watch this video

Atlantic City Coupons

Posted by Modern Maze

This is the site were local businesses in Atlantic City, New Jersey advertise their coupon offers.

Where are you staying? Get online coupons for Hotels & Motels

Where will you eat? Get online coupons for restaurants

What will you do for fun while in Atlantic City? Get coupons for fishing, bike rentals, and other entertainment.

The businesses listed on this page all have live, active coupons. Atlantic City is so much more than just Casinos.

There are tons of famous restaurants, entertainment venues, bars and nostalgic sites all just minutes away. The famous Atlantic City Boardwalk, beach and world-class shopping, charter and party boat fishing, and whale watching tours are wonderful past times for the whole family.

Coupons for Atlantic Palace Suites

How To Convert More Loyal Customers From Your Daily Deal Campaign

Posted by Modern Maze

Daily-Deal customers are often “deal hoppers” and seldom become loyal patrons. A continuing coupon strategy on will help lower the “buying barrier” in order to get these deal-seekers back for more.

When a customers redeems a daily deal voucher, you or your staff should simply thank them for their business and let them know they engage your online coupons any time. Presumably, these new clients were satisfied with your product or service. So you don’t want them waiting around for your next daily-deal offer. You want them back soon! But THEY still want a deal. So give them access to your online coupons on There, they’re not going to find big fat 50% off discounts but they WILL find modest, money-saving coupons which will lower the buying barrier and get them to patronize you again. But this time, YOU get to make some profit AND further build your relationship with the customer.

A coupon campaign on is a full-year deal for only pennies a day.

You get a full web page showcasing your business, unlimited coupons and social media tools built right in.  

Not everybody uses coupons, but LOTS of people do. Millions of people search for online coupons before they make a decision to buy. When your business is on the moderncoupon directory of local businesses with coupons, you’re going to show up in more Google searches. 

It works.

Local Business Marketing With Coupons

Posted by Modern Maze

Online marketing for small, local businesses is affordable and easy with

List your business on our high-traffic online directory.

This small business marketing system is powerful because so many people go online looking for coupons for local restaurants, retailers and service businesses. There’s so much competition to make your business or your website visible online, you need to think out-of-the-box.

When your business has an affordable full-page ad (just $39/month) on, you’re business will become visible to hundreds or even thousands of local consumers who may have not otherwise found out about you.

Millions of people today go online looking for where they can get an online coupon before they make their buying decisions. This is how to make your business visible online to those people.

Online coupon users tend to be better customers. You may think their cheap but actually, they’re usually the wealthier among us? “How do you think they got so rich?” Online coupon users are statistically are higher-educated and higher income people.

If you want to market your business to smart people who have money to spend, (of course you do), you want to be marketing in the online coupon space.

You get a search engine optimized web page to showcase your business and describe it in unlimited detail. You get to show pictures, embed a video, and a link back to your main website (if you have one). You can post as many coupons as you want. And all your coupons capture the name and email address of the person who chose it for your own email marketing campaigns. Social media tool is built right in.

This is a powerful, done-for-you online marketing product specifically created to be affordable for small, independently-owned local businesses like yours.

Online Coupons For Kuzina Express in Moorestown Mall

Posted by Modern Maze

Get online coupons for Greek Food

Kuzina Express located in the Moorestown Mall in Moorestown, NJ

Greek food is wonderful from soup to dessert.

Kuzina Express brings the best of Mediterranean fare to your table. Eat-in, take out or have your favorite Greek foods delivered!

Outstanding Greek Salad.

Entrees of Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken & Fish plus Greek favorites like Moussaka, Pastitsio, and Souvlaki.

Large portions make it hard to leave room for dessert, but you can’t leave without some Baklava or Galaktoboureko. Grab a coupon and get a free coffee with your dessert!

Great food at great every day prices. Go Greek once a week!

Online Coupon Site Gets High Search Engine Results

Posted by Modern Maze

It’s official: small businesses who advertise on the pages of the the local business coupons site, are getting high search engine results.

There are thousands upon thousands of online searches every minute of the day which include the word “coupon”.  Because the pages ofmoderncoupon.comcontain a heavy quantity of content matching these online searches, these pages show up in results.

This effectively drive more traffic and our advertisers reap the benefits.

For example, if someone searches the term: “coupons for restaurants in Cherry Hill, NJ”, it’s not uncommon for 2,3 or 4 individual moderncoupon pages to show up on page page 1 of the search results on Google. Click here to see results-

Not everyone is making their buying decisions based upon the coupons they find online. But surely, the people searching for online coupons are in “buying mode”. 

So if you want to be where a large segment of the population are going to make buying decisions, you want to be in the online coupon space. In particular

To advertise YOUR business on, the local business online marketing machine, just call Toll-Free: 1-866-799-2825

Any Garment $1.99 Dry Cleaner Coupons In Cherry Hill

Posted by Modern Maze

Dry cleaning coupons for Cherry Hill’s Any Garment $1.99 Cleaners. Click the link!

As if $1.99 per garment isn’t cheap enough, this aggressively priced dry cleaner gives online coupons!

What’s more, your shirts, dresses, slacks and suits will be ready for pick up the same day! Never an extra charge for same-day service at $1.99 Any Garment Cleaners.

In addition to great prices for dry cleaning garments, $1.99 Any Garment Cleaners in Cherry Hill, NJ also cleans household items like curtains and bedspreads.

Shirt laundry is also available!

For the best prices and online savings coupons check us out on Click ‘n Save Every Day.

After you get your coupons for your dry cleaning, check out all the great restaurants and other local businesses who feature coupons on

All merchants who advertise on are independent business owners. We help support locally owned businesses and we thank YOU for doing the same.

Please use the Facebook & Twitter “share” links on each moderncoupon page you visit to let your friends know how they can save money with online coupons!

You can also find out about new coupons and new merchants who come on board by Liking us on Facebook :

Local Coupons And Local Business Listings

Posted by Modern Maze is a rapidly growing directory which lists coupons and full descriptive details for local independently-owned businesses.

Each and every business listing has live usable coupons. This isn’t a typical directory which brings consumers in hopes of a coupon only to come clicking down a dead-end street.

Not only does every listing on have a coupon, most have multiple coupon offers. In fact, for merchants who advertise on the site, there’s no limit to the number of coupon offers they can post!

The directory is zip code driven so it works anywhere in the United States for both the merchants who advertise here and the consumers they serve.

At we strongly believe in supporting small, independent business owners. They are still the backbone of the American economy, the local economy where they’re located and an important part of a community culture. 

We drive traffic to the online directory by ranking highly on search engines and though smart online marketing strategies to help our clients get their businesses discovered online.  This is a concept which serves both businesses AND their customers. By helping buyers find what they’re looking for and a coupon discount, we’re helping business owners increase sales and get discovered online.

If you own a business or if you know someone who does who might benefit by this sensible approach to online marketing, please contact us Toll-Free 1-866-799-2825 or send us an email at

Meanwhile, we hope you’ll visit the site often & sign up for our once-weekly email update where we let you know which local businesses have signed up in your area.

Here’s the link to the sign-up page

How And Why To Increase Your Facebook Fan List

Posted by Modern Maze

This article started out as “How To Increase Your Facebook Fan List” but I erased it because the article became too long.  I decided to focus on the “Why” instead and tie in the “How” later.

Here are some very powerful reasons why a Facebook Fan Page is your friend:

1. It’s free advertising to a list of very targeted, very interested people

2. It’s better than email. On average, less than 20% of emails are opened even when they’ve opted-in to your email list. Your fans see your message when they look at Facebook 

3. It’s easy for people to share what they “LIKE” on Facebook, comment on it and tell their Facebook friends. Most people have hundreds of Facebook friends. Some have thousands. Give them something to talk about and share and your audience and business can skyrocket.

Instead of going through a the long list of “How” to increase your Facebook Fan list, I decided to give you better advice: go to Youtube and search the term. There are dozens of video tutorials on the subject which are more thorough and easy to absorb through video.

There are tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people you can reach for little or no cost through the power of the internet & social media. You CAN learn the stuff and engage in it and grow your business.

Don’t go to the gold mine with a pocket knife. At least bring a shovel. Put out some effort. Apply yourself. The opportunities have never been so great to take advantage of technology.

Good Marketing.

Andrew (Modern Maze) Mazer

Founder of Affordable Online Marketing Systems

Creator of

Cherry Hill Coupons

Posted by Modern Maze

Cherry Hill, New Jersey is a great place to live. This town has it all.

Go to and type in any camden county zip code or the following zip codes in Cherry Hill: 08034, 08002, or 08003 and then choose any category to find coupons.

A great place to find discounts and coupons for lots of places around Cherry Hill is

Here, you’ll find coupons for Cherry Hill restaurants, car washes, ice cream & water ice shops, fitness centers, and all kinds of other retail businesses. is an online directory where every advertiser is a small, independently-owned business and every listing on the site has live coupons.

This is not one of those “deal-a-day” coupon gimmicks. Every listing has live offers every day.

So if you’re a Cherry Hill resident or live in the area and you’re looking for Cherry Hill coupons, visit Better yet, sign up now and get a once-weekly email informing you about all the business listings and featured deals! also invites you to LIKE us on Facebook.

If you like the ideal of KEEPING IT LOCAL because you care about supporting local business owners and you care about the environment and your local economy, then signing up for moderncoupon shows your support!


Business owners can learn more about getting their own coupon site for just pennies a day by visiting or calling

Toll-Free: 1-866-799-2825