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Domain Authority-A Search Engine Optimization Essential

Posted by Modern Maze

Website owners, this is an important search engine optimization lesson I think you should want to know. It’s called Domain Authority.

 Domain authority can be described as the value your domain name (your website address) holds in the eyes of the search engines.

The main goal of the search engines is to provide the best search results for every query. To do that, lots of criteria are taken into consideration. Domain Authority is one major factor.

3 major criteria determine domain authority:

1. The age of the domain name, meaning how long it has been registered holds much weight. Lots of people with good intentions purchase domain names and either never build a website on them or otherwise fail at their original idea and shut it down. So search engines consider longevity of a domain a factor in its rankings.

2. The size of your website: Adding new information to your website is also a contributor to Domain Authority. The search engines favor a site in motion and especially GROWTH. This is easily accomplished with the addition of regular blog posts on your website.

3. The other most important element is the site’s popularity also known as TRAFFIC. Driving traffic to your website and also KEEPING them there for some time boosts your search engine rankings. Your website becomes more relevant to searches. Your domain authority increases. Here’s are ways to drive traffic to your site.

Drive traffic to your site with your emails. If you’re a local business, for example, and you send promotional offers via email, resist making your offer in the email but rather drive them to the website for the full details. Use social media to alert your friends and fans about an offer on your website and link to it on your post.

One of the best ways to keep people on your website is to provide video. The average website visit is under a minute. If you can engage people with 2-3 minute videos, it’s significant. If you can keep people on your site longer than others in your market, you website could have a Domain Authority advantage.