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TABASFUNDING – A Venture Capital Lender Serves New Jersey, Delaware And Pennsylvania Businesses

Posted by Modern Maze

In any economy there’s always some one, some industry doing well. There’s always an opportunity in every difficulty. 

Today, banks aren’t free to lend money. More scrutiny and more barriers are resulting in more NO’s than YES’s. 

At TABASFUNDING they understand there and always opportunities from growth and expansion during economic difficulties. 

If your business is looking at acquiring a competitor or if your business is in a growth situation and need capital for increasing inventory, equipment, manufacturing capacity or space, TABASFUNDING can help. 

TABASFUNDING helps growing businesses take you and your business to the next level with venture capital loans from $75,000 to $750,000 or more.

TABASFUNDING  does not loan to start-up companies but if you have an established business and you’re confronted with an opportunity for expansion and need a cash infusion to make it happen, it all starts with a simple 3-minute application on the website:

If your loan is approved, thanks to, you can save $100.00 off your first loan repayment. Here’s what you do: click this link: and get a coupon. Enclose it with your first loan repayment and deduct $100.00 from your payment.

Learn more about TABASFUNDING at