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Cool Dog Cafe, Gourmet Hot Dogs & More-Coupons Here!

Posted by Modern Maze does it again. Now you can get money-saving coupons any time for Cool Dog Cafe and enjoy and old fashioned favorite in all kids of new ways!

Click here for coupons from Cool Dog Cafe!


We use Sabrett all-beef franks in natural casings as the starting point for the best-tasting and most creative hot dogs you’ll find anywhere. They’re deep-fried to give them a pleasing “snap” and when you take your first bite, you’ll have a hot dog experience like you’ve never had before.


Cool Dog uses nothing less than Certified Angus Beef for its burger sliders. But burger sliders are just the beginning. Why not try pulled pork or crab cakes? We also offer innovative sliders featuring chicken, turkey burgers and even brie. Or design your own. Whatever it is, you can be sure you’ll have a taste explosion of only the finest ingredients.


Why are Belgian Frites (fries) so good? It’s actually a 2-day process. We fresh-cut the potatoes and soak them in water overnight in the cooler to extract the starch. We then dry them and blanch them at a low temp. When you order them, we finish frying at a high temperature until tender and crisp…and then you’re eating the best-tasting fries you’ve ever had.


You can substitute our veggie dog in any hot dog on the menu. And with your first taste, you’ll think we tricked you with a “real” hot dog. It’s that good. We also have great veggie burgers for your sliders. Our baked beans are vegetarian as well and our fries are cooked in canola oil in dedicated fryers. Nothing but fries ever goes into these fryers. So vegetarians…welcome and enjoy!

Best Local Restaurants With Online Coupons

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You’ve just found THE #1 authority for the best local restaurants with online coupons.

Click here for a listing of restaurants with coupons in Haddonfield, Collingswood, Maple Shade, Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel and the surrounding South Jersey area. Philadelphia’s suburbs are packed with independently-owned, quality restaurants.

Here you’ll find 

All restaurants listed on are independently-owned. We think keeping it local is more than just staying close to home. We think it’s patronizing our neighbors in business rather than big national chains. 

If you’re reading this, we thank YOU for your interest in supporting locally-owned businesses of all kinds. That’s what you’ll find throughout

Check in often and Click ‘n Save Every Day!

Local Coupons And Local Business Listings

Posted by Modern Maze is a rapidly growing directory which lists coupons and full descriptive details for local independently-owned businesses.

Each and every business listing has live usable coupons. This isn’t a typical directory which brings consumers in hopes of a coupon only to come clicking down a dead-end street.

Not only does every listing on have a coupon, most have multiple coupon offers. In fact, for merchants who advertise on the site, there’s no limit to the number of coupon offers they can post!

The directory is zip code driven so it works anywhere in the United States for both the merchants who advertise here and the consumers they serve.

At we strongly believe in supporting small, independent business owners. They are still the backbone of the American economy, the local economy where they’re located and an important part of a community culture. 

We drive traffic to the online directory by ranking highly on search engines and though smart online marketing strategies to help our clients get their businesses discovered online.  This is a concept which serves both businesses AND their customers. By helping buyers find what they’re looking for and a coupon discount, we’re helping business owners increase sales and get discovered online.

If you own a business or if you know someone who does who might benefit by this sensible approach to online marketing, please contact us Toll-Free 1-866-799-2825 or send us an email at

Meanwhile, we hope you’ll visit the site often & sign up for our once-weekly email update where we let you know which local businesses have signed up in your area.

Here’s the link to the sign-up page

Haddonfield Restaurant Coupons-All 100% Live Coupons

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This directory is designed to serve locally-owned Haddonfield restaurants and their customers.

The Haddonfield business community is comprised almost exclusively of independently-owned businesses. It’s the mission of to support these types of businesses and bring a public awareness to the value of patronizing local small business owners wherever you go.

Every Haddonfield restaurant listed here has live coupons all then time. Unlike many other coupon websites which often take you down a dead-end street, you’ll see live usable coupons right here with a click.  Here goes:

A Taste Of Home Restaurant & Delicatessen

Ludovico’s Italian Gourmet

More Haddonfield restaurant coupons will be added shortly. Please check in again soon!

If you or someone you know could benefit by more effective online marketing on, just contact us at

Haddonfield Coupons For Haddonfield, New Jersey Businesses

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Don’t come to Haddonfield empty handed! Go to, type in the zip code for Haddonfield: 08033 and arm yourself with coupons! introduces a great S. Jersey tradition and historic gem:

Haddonfield, New Jersey is a true old-fashioned “Downtown” kind of shopping area. In about a 1 mile radius you can reach hundreds of independently-owned retail shops, restaurants, food stores, salons and much more. 

Almost without exception, the businesses in Haddonfield are locally owned.

Haddonfield runs events all year but especially in spring and summer. 

FIRST FRIDAYS is one very popular whole-town promotion where businesses run extra specials, sidewalk sales and there’s even curbside entertainment. 

Each Saturday thru October, it’s the Haddonfield Farmer’s Market where local produce, flowers, fresh baked goods and other local fare is sold from early morning until early afternoon. 

For more information about all the fun goings on in Haddonfield, stop by the Haddonfield Information center in Kings Court. 

Many of the local businesses advertise their coupon offers on so be sure to click around the site to find coupons you may wish to bring along before you leave the house. 

On a smart phone? No problem, is smart phone friendly!

Cherry Hill Coupons

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Cherry Hill, New Jersey is a great place to live. This town has it all.

Go to and type in any camden county zip code or the following zip codes in Cherry Hill: 08034, 08002, or 08003 and then choose any category to find coupons.

A great place to find discounts and coupons for lots of places around Cherry Hill is

Here, you’ll find coupons for Cherry Hill restaurants, car washes, ice cream & water ice shops, fitness centers, and all kinds of other retail businesses. is an online directory where every advertiser is a small, independently-owned business and every listing on the site has live coupons.

This is not one of those “deal-a-day” coupon gimmicks. Every listing has live offers every day.

So if you’re a Cherry Hill resident or live in the area and you’re looking for Cherry Hill coupons, visit Better yet, sign up now and get a once-weekly email informing you about all the business listings and featured deals! also invites you to LIKE us on Facebook.

If you like the ideal of KEEPING IT LOCAL because you care about supporting local business owners and you care about the environment and your local economy, then signing up for moderncoupon shows your support!


Business owners can learn more about getting their own coupon site for just pennies a day by visiting or calling

Toll-Free: 1-866-799-2825