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13 Mistakes Business Owners Make Marketing Online AND Offline

Posted by Modern Maze

13 Mistakes Business Owners Make Advertising Online and Offline

This report will help business owners make better decisions about their marketing efforts so less money is wasted and more response is generated. One good idea could make your marketing POP!

Online Marketing Buyer’s Guide For Small Business Owners

Posted by Modern Maze

Click the link below to view or print this valuable report.


This FREE Online Marketing Buyers Guide will help business owners make more informed decisions online.

Most business owners really don’t know what to do or what’s possible online and they often leave it up to a “geek” who knows nothing about sales, marketing or business.

Online marketing is essential today but it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.  

It should only take a few new customers to cover your online marketing expense. 

Online Coupon Traffic Is Up on

Posted by Modern Maze

Traffic to the site has increased dramatically (over 50%) in the last 60 days.

According to, we are ranked among the top 1% of all websites IN THE WORLD!

What this means to you is your business is gaining visibility when you advertise on Every single business on moderncoupon is getting page visits and we’re seeing LOTS of coupons being clicked.

I want to recommend you change, modify or add coupons frequently. Whether you’re advertising coupons online or offline. When consumers come back to visit the site for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time and see the same coupons as last time,

A. your’re passing up the chance to showcase more of your products or services

B. you’re becoming predictable and are therefore reducing the chances someone will spend time to take a look at what you’re offering THIS time.  Changing your coupons on is easy.

You may also email us with your coupon updates and we’ll change them for you.

As always, your recommendations, requests and comments about the site and our service is welcome. Just reply to this email message.

Good Marketing,

Andrew Mazer, aka

Modern Maze

PS. We have now added affordable and functional websites to our list of Affordable Online Marketing services. Your inquiries and referrals are welcome.

Local Coupons And Local Business Listings

Posted by Modern Maze is a rapidly growing directory which lists coupons and full descriptive details for local independently-owned businesses.

Each and every business listing has live usable coupons. This isn’t a typical directory which brings consumers in hopes of a coupon only to come clicking down a dead-end street.

Not only does every listing on have a coupon, most have multiple coupon offers. In fact, for merchants who advertise on the site, there’s no limit to the number of coupon offers they can post!

The directory is zip code driven so it works anywhere in the United States for both the merchants who advertise here and the consumers they serve.

At we strongly believe in supporting small, independent business owners. They are still the backbone of the American economy, the local economy where they’re located and an important part of a community culture. 

We drive traffic to the online directory by ranking highly on search engines and though smart online marketing strategies to help our clients get their businesses discovered online.  This is a concept which serves both businesses AND their customers. By helping buyers find what they’re looking for and a coupon discount, we’re helping business owners increase sales and get discovered online.

If you own a business or if you know someone who does who might benefit by this sensible approach to online marketing, please contact us Toll-Free 1-866-799-2825 or send us an email at

Meanwhile, we hope you’ll visit the site often & sign up for our once-weekly email update where we let you know which local businesses have signed up in your area.

Here’s the link to the sign-up page