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Strategies For Successful Print Ads

Posted by Modern Maze

Many small business owners make their decision to advertise the day a sales rep walks through the door. Without a clear objective, the odds of a successful ad campaign are against you.

Advertising your business shouldn’t be looked upon as a “necessary evil”. Quite the opposite. It should be a quest for the magical formula that pulls in more value than the expenditure time after time.

Finding the right ad in the right media which turns your cost of advertising into a repeatable and continual income stream is the approach you want to take.  Testing different messages and different media will help point you in the direction to getting the biggest bang for your buck. 

One thing is for sure-you MUST be using a direct-response advertising style in order to quantify your results. 

A small business marketing package with comes with a complimentary print-ad consultation. 

Have Fun!

Andrew (ModernMaze) Mazer

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