Tanning Salon Chain In Erie, PA Posts 6 Money-Saving Coupons

 Sun Your Buns, the premier tanning salon chain in Erie, PA has just posted 6 massive, money-saving coupons on moderncoupon.com www.moderncoupon.com/Offers/Erie_PA/Tanning/428/Sun_Your_Buns/

Any of these coupons can be redeemed at all 5 locations:

Peach & Kuntz Road

W. 38th & Pittsburgh Avenue

Buffalo Road at Kmart Plaza

6335 W. Ridge Road

1101 Penninsula

Just click the link for instant access to coupons.  www.moderncoupon.com/Offers/Erie_PA/Tanning/428/Sun_Your_Buns/

Sun Your Buns is well-known for the large, clean facilities.  Get a safe, controlled tan without burning. 

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