Wine and Beer Class Coupon – Become an Expert On Wine and Beer

If you are looking for something new to do with a group of friends one weekend, and you are an avid beer or wine drinker, you can finally learn everything there is about beer or wine by enrolling in one of our seminar classes.  We offer a 4 hour class on either beer or wine, so you can learn about all the different types, how it is made, and pairing it with food.  You will finally become the beer or wine expert you have always wanted to be.

Learning how to properly pair foods with wines and beers, and knowing which to buy for certain occasions, is key to fully appreciating all of the flavors.  Each type is made with some different ingredients, while some are made completely different and use ingredients you would never imagine could be used in wine and beers.  In these classes, you will learn how brewers and wine makers make their drinks.

At the Mixology Wine Institute, you can enroll in our 4 hour beer seminar, or 4 hour wine seminar.  With an original value of $175, you can get a coupon to enroll in the class for $69, or $99 for a couple.  This is a fantastic experience for couples or friends.  Afterwards, you will be a certified expert.  Visit today for your coupon.